The festival

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Dear Guests!

Győr is a meeting point for rivers and routes. Visitors from different regions met here in ancient times as well, who shared their experience, knowledge, adventures and culture with one another and took that knowledge throughout Europe.

At the end of August 2018 loads of visitors are coming to the city of Győr again, who are visiting our city owing to a definite reason.  Győr is going to be the host of the
8th European Clarinet Festival, where notable professionals and representatives of the world of music are going to spend a few exciting days together to broaden their knowledge and gain more experience to improve the future of this wonderful musical instrument. The festival is going to bring together the most magnificent clarinet artists of the continent to spread their experience all around Europe.

It is a special honour to us, clarinet artists, who live and work in this city, that the European Clarinet Association has chosen the city of Győr to be the venue for the forthcoming annual meeting. In Győr, great legends have set an example for the contemporary artists, such as  Nikisch Artur, Hans Richter, who started their world conquering career from this city. We are sure that Győr Philharmonic Orchestra which is one of the most outstanding symphonic orchestras of Hungary will be an excellent host of the festival and the unique programmes and concerts will provide exceptional experience not only for the professionals but for all the visitors and guests.

Come to us and be our guests!

Let these days be about the festival of clarinet!

We are waiting for You!


Berkes Kálmán, Varga Gábor
Clarinet artist,
Győr  Philharmonic Orchestra

Chief artist

Clarinet artist,
Chief artist of the 8th European Clarinet Festival